August 2020

We proudly present our all new PTP Audio Power Controller, which will help to improve the performance of our turntables even further. The Power Controller creates a new, clean and totally stable sinewave to drive the motor, independent of the quality of your mains. As a result the motor runs noticeably quieter and with less vibration.

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December 2015

Stereophile has done a follow-up review of the Solid12 to test the effects of the Solid Bearing upgrade.

“To suggest that vintage-savvy but DIYphobic phonophiles give more than passing consideration to the full-Monty Solid 12 is perhaps the easiest recommendation I’ve ever made: I’d be delighted to live with one of these.”

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April 2015

6moons reviewed our Blok20 amplifier. They liked it so much they bought the review sample!

A short review in the latest German Image Hifi:

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March 2015

Positive Feedback

"This is a perfect basis for music lovers who do not want to look any further. Equip it with any of the aforementioned cartridges and you will be in for an amazing musical performance."

Positive Feedback has published another shining review, this time of the Solid9 with Audiomods arm. has awarded us Best Product 2014 for the same combo:

Highfidelity Award 2014

More on both here


October 2014

We are extremely proud to present our brand new Blok20 integrated amplifier. If you like idler drive turntables, you will like this amp:

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September 2014

During the years we have tried, sold and mounted many different arms, ranging from simple and cheap to extremely expensive. Amongst them a select few have become favourites.
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to see the arms we offer in combination with our Solid9 and Solid12 turntables.

AAA Switzerland has published an interview with Peter Reinders in the Summer/Autumn 2014 issue of their magazine.

Read the interview here (German only)

August 2014

New feedback from David and Peter in the review section.

We have managed to avoid a price increase for a long time, but due to the raised prices of our suppliers we have been forced to do so now. The increase has been kept to a minimum and of course current orders will be completed for the previously agreed price. 

July 2014

New feedback from Mike about his Solid in the review section.

We have added a dustcover to our range of accessories. Feel free to contact us for more information.

May 2014

6moons has done a follow-up review of the Solid12 to test the effects of the Solid Bearing upgrade. They liked it enough to give us another Blue Moon Award.

Blue Moon Award 2014

April 2014


PTP Audio is now also on Facebook

Februari 2014

New feedback from Richard in the review section about his two armed Solid9+12.

December 2013

2013 has been an important year for us, with great reviews, very positive feedback and, most importantly, a steady growth. If 2014 goes the same direction we can only be happy. We want to thank everybody who bought a tuntable from us for their loyalty.

We wish everybody a great 2014!

November 2013

Solid12 Krefeld

Krefeld Room

In November we presented ourselves at the Analog Forum in Krefeld, sharing a room with Manger. It was great to meet so many of you in real life and the comments we had were very positive. So we feel it was a success and we are looking forward to doing it again next year.


October 2013


"In the end the Solid12 simply does its job, but it does it perfectly. I cannot give a turntable higher praise than that."

Another very positive review of the PTP Audio Solid12, this time in the November/ December issue of the German magazine Fidelity. Read the whole story in the magazine. Some more quotes here.



PTP Audio will be present at the AAA's Analog Forum 2013 in Krefeld, Germany on 2 and 3 November. We will be in room 129 teaming up with speaker manufacturer Manger. We hope to welcome you there.

Solid Bearing

PTP Audio introduces the Solid Bearing as an upgrade for the Solid9 and Solid12.

September 2013

We are very proud that Stereophile has included the PTP Audio Solid12 in their 2014 Recommend Component list. You can read all about it in the October issue of Stereophile.


Justin's Solid12

New feedback from Justin and from Kevin in the Review section.

August 2013

Solid12 at A10

PTP Audio is now present at A10 Audio, without doubt Amsterdam's most interesting High End shop.