Idler Drive

Idler Drive
Listening to an idler drive turntable is a very different experience than listening to a belt drive model. Idler drive turntables let the music come first. You will find yourself tapping your foot instead of focussing on sound quality. Idlers simply have incredible musicality and energy.

For many years the belt drive system was regarded as the only serious way to drive a top quality turntable. For thirty years it was almost impossible to buy anything else. There were a few direct drive models around but those were really only used by DJs.
In recent years however, there has been a renewed interest in the old idler drive models from the sixties and seventies. Models like the Garrard 301, the Thorens TD 124 or the Lenco L75. Once restored these old beasts are thought by many to outperform even the best of today’s turntables.

This is achieved by the use of a strong motor with lots of torque and the absence of belt stretching losses. The result is a drive system that simply keeps going, undeterred by stylus drag and that does wonders for the rhythm and timing of the music.

Lenco idler drive systemThe Lenco idler drive system.