To order one of our products, simply send an email to peter@ptpaudio.com and tell us what you need.


We sell directly to the end-user.

There are several advantages to doing it this way. First of all, it keeps the price down because all the fees for importers, agents and retailers stay in your pocket. Maintaining a dealer network would at least double the price of our products. The second and, we believe, more important advantage is that of personal contact. We are not a mass producer and nor do we wish to be. Instead we build every turntable for a specific customer. The plinth is made in the colour of your preference, armboards are prepared for the arm (or arms) of your choice and if you want we will mount that arm too. And if that isn't enough we can go even further. The concept is quite flexible, so a solution can always be found.

The disadvantage is that, unless you're able to come to Amsterdam, you can't listen to one before you buy. We believe that the advantages more than make up for this. Listening to a component in an audio shop doesn't tell you all that much, anyway. The circumstances, acoustics and most likely the rest of the setup, will all differ from what you listen to at home, making any judgement unreliable at best. Secondly, the growing number of independent reviews give a good idea of what to expect.



Prices are for complete turntables, including all Lenco parts, serviced and tuned, a polished platter and an armboard in the colour of the plinth, drilled for the arm of your choice.

If you are able to provide the necessary Lenco parts we give a €200 discount. You can send the complete Lenco or just the parts we need.

The given prices are excluding VAT for those outside the EU, and shipping.



The given price is for a plinth in black or white. Other colours from the Corian range are possible at a €450 premium, simply because we will have to buy a whole sheet of that colour. A general impression of available colours can be had on the Corian website. In general, the colours from the Solid range will work best.

We charge no more than what shipping will actually cost. How much that will be depends on your location, patience and options for pick up. We will give you an exact quote once we have your shipping address, but you can use this as an indication:

Europe: €100-€200

North America: €250-€350

Asia, Australia: €300-€400

Of course you are welcome to come to Amsterdam and pick up your purchase personally to save on shipping.


Delivery time

Each turntable is made for a specific customer, which means we have no ready-to-ship products in stock. Generally, it takes us about eight weeks to get from final go-ahead to shipping.



We request you to make a 50% downpayment at the time of ordering. We will then charge the second 50% when we're ready to ship.

Payments can be made by bank transfer, wise.com or Paypal. Any aditional fees are yours to bear.