All PTP Audio turntables combine the best of yesterday with the best of today. The basis is formed by the drive system of a vintage Lenco, mounted on a modern stainless steel chassis in a solid Corian pinth. The result is a product that easily competes with the best on sound quality, looks and reliability.

The Solid9 for 9" and 10" arms
PTP Audio Solid9
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The Solid12 for 12" arms
PTP Audio Solid12
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This upgrade offers a far more rigid construction, resulting in a much lower noise floor and bringing clearly audible improvements in quietness, imaging and overall solidity.

The Solid Bearing upgrade for the Solid9 and Solid12

Solid Bearing
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During the years we have tried, sold and mounted many different arms, ranging from simple and cheap to extremely expensive. Amongst them a select few have become favourites. We are proud to offer the Wand, Schick and Audiomods arms in combination with our Solid9 and Solid12 turntables.

The Wand, Schick and Audiomods tonearms

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A 2x20W minimalist Integrated Amplifier built around the LM1875 amplifier chip. Soundwise it is above all musical, with a very natural flow that is never fatiguing. If you like idler drive turntables, you will like this amplifier.

The Blok20 amplifier

Blok20 amplifier

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