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Review of the Blok20 amplifier by 6moons in April 2015.

"Our first impression of the Blok20 into this easy load was a kind of amazement in the most positive possible meaning of the word. The sound was full and nicely topped, dynamics were under full control."

"(…) the way the little chip amp handled the signal load warmed our hearts."

"Our tiny white cube projected a full-blown drum kit, man-sized double bass and large concert grand into our room. Even at elevated levels of some 87dB at the ear, the images and their dimensions remained stable and simply got bigger and more realistic."

"This amplifier did indeed belong into the same league as a well-seasoned tube amplifier. To corroborate that further, in went 30-something kilos of very black and beastly Audio Note Meishu for the 8kg white Dutch dwarf. That Meishu runs original WE 300B power tubes and a recently nabbed Australian AWV 6SN7 in the driver stage. It was striking just how close the sound of the Meishu was to the Blok20."

"At this juncture we shouted out a big huzzah, for the PTP chip amp getting so close to such desirable tube sound. Translation: just enough warmth at the lower end with a silky top."

"In turn we played a massive amount of vinyl across all different kinds of genres. Small Jazz combos were digested just as easily and satisfying as the occasional opera. Of course a good dose of Frank Zappa came by and our latest acquisition of Puttin' on the Ritz—all eight sides of it!—made it to the turntable twice."

"In every setup we tried the Blok20 in, there was enough gusto and space for emotional development to get to us as the listeners."

"So we bought the review sample, signed like all others by Peter as the work of art it is. Ours is #3."

Read the entire review on the 6moons website.

A short review of the Blok20 in the May/June 2015 issue of German Image Hifi.

Image Hifi

Translated quotes:

"The British would call such a product "no nonsense"."

"Twenty of the purest watts brought the best out of my Tobian 10, 12 and Suesskind Audio Puls."

"The most surprising and most coherent combination, however, was found with Sven Boenickes small W5 speaker. Together with the PTP Audio Blok20 they form a marriage made in heaven, I would say the two are meant for each other: the clean, incredibly spatial and full bodied sound is absolutely addictive."

"Not only the looks are a real treat."

Original German text:

"Solche Produkte nennen die Engländer „no nonsense“."


"20 blütenreine Watt haben bei mir aufs Feinste mit meiner Tobian 10, 12 oder Suesskind Audio Puls gespielt."


"Die überraschendste und auch stimmigste Kombination ergab sich allerdings mit Sven Boenickes W5 Kleinlautsprechern. Mit dem PTP Audio Blok20 sind sie eine Traumehe eingegangen, ich würde sagen die beiden sind füreinander bestimmt: schlackenloser, unglaublich räumlicher, körperhafter Klang mit Suchtkarakter."


"Nicht nur optisch ein echter Leckerbissen."