Power Controller

Power Controller


Power Controller
PTP Audio idler drive turntables are all powered by a vintage Lenco AC motor. It is an essential part of the design and fundamental to the musicality and character of the turntable. However, the stability of its performance is directly related to the quality of the AC mains voltage it is powered by. While in theory that would mean a perfect 50 or 60Hz sinewave, in reality it is nothing near that. These days, mains is polluted by all kinds of things like LED and fluorescent lighting, switching power supplies etc. It is also subject to constant fluctuations in voltage and frequency, as supply and demand are balanced minute-by-minute.

To overcome these problems we have designed the PTP Audio Power Controller.
The Power Controller creates a new, clean and totally stable sinewave to drive the motor, independent of the quality of your mains. It is important to note that it is not a mains filter, it actually is a new mains creator.
To avoid introducing new pollution into the signal everything is done with entirely analogue, linear circuitry. No digitally synthesised wave form, Class D amp or switch-mode supply is used. As a result the motor runs noticeably quieter and with less vibration. This in turn results in better detail retrieval, darker background and more such audiophile delights.

Changing the speed of the turntable between 45 and 33 is now a matter of simply flicking a switch, plus, as a bonus, you can now use 78rpm as well.
The controller is plug and play. Simply connect it between mains and turntable and you are ready to go.
Various combinations of input and output voltages and frequencies can be specified. For example, those living in countries with 60Hz mains can now use the more widely available 50Hz motor without any modification necessary.
Although the PTP Audio Power Controller was primarily designed for the PTP Audio turntables, it will work just as well with Garrard 301/401 and similar vintage idler turntables.
All Power Controllers are handbuilt, tested and calibrated in the UK.

Technical Summary
Low-distortion mains sinewave generator
Oversize custom wound toroidal transformers with interwinding screens
High-quality parts, selected for maximum temperature stability
Extremely fine frequency control via multi-turn presets
All-analogue, all-linear circuitry
230V or 115V supply versions, 50-60Hz
Can be ordered with 110V or 220V output (independent of supply voltage)
Can be ordered with nominal 50Hz or 60Hz output in 33.3 rpm position (independent of supply frequency)
Maximum motor load 20W
90(H)x240(W)x295(D)mm high quality custom machined aluminium case
Weight 5kg

€1250.- in Silver or Black

To ensure that the product you buy is as good as it can be, all Power Controllers are assembled, tested and calibrated by Nigel Simpson in the UK. His long experience and expertise make all the difference.