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Review of the PTP Audio Solid9 by Herb Reichert in Stereophile (June 2023)

“(…) and also the PTP Audio idler-drive turntable I am about to describe—do something unique with quietness, momentum, and what Art Dudley called "touch," which I interpret as a commingling of tactility and corporality.”

“Every time I place a disc on its rubber Lenco platter mat, I admire every no-frills thing about it. It looks solid and purposeful.”

“As delivered, PTP's Solid9 record player is Model A–Ford simple, Farmall-tractor sturdy, and, to my taste, as high-hipster cool as an Indian Larry chopper.”

“I'll try not to repeat myself, but the Solid9– Abis tonearm–DL-103 record playing system never distracted me from what was happening in the music. That's as high praise as I can give.”

“With this setup, I watched myself as I followed rhythms and noticed beats—much more than usual.”

“(...), it was impossible not to first admire the fine instrumental tone then to bounce along, surfing those rousing Vivaldi tempos.”

“Ten seconds in, I thought, if Art Dudley heard this, he'd be crying. Talk about "touch." At first I felt I could touch the M.G.'s phenomenal drummer, Al Jackson. Then I felt like I was him. I started waving my arms. This is not like listening for the third whistle at the back of the orchestra. This was mainlining the best rhythm section of the 1960s.”

“Behind this roaring sound, the PTP deck was quiet in a deep, silent way that my idler-wheel–plus–belt-drive Thorens TD 124 never was.”

“1960s 45s should sound like they're coming out of a jukebox in a bar or punching their way through a radio speaker; they're EQd to engage listeners' feelings and set feet dancing. And that's what this turntable did: Patsy Cline's "Heartaches" on a Decca 45 (Decca 31429) never sounded this jukebox-real before.”

“Our job, as we continue our analog journey, is to explore as many technological variations as we can and see which ones excite us and suit our temperament. I'm with Yale and Art: Idler-wheel turntables are close to god.”

Full article here: Grammophone Dreams

Follow-up review in Stereophile (December 2015) of the Solid12 with Solid Bearing

“As I’ve come to expect from the best idler-drive turntables of the 1960s, the new PTP Solid 12 did a remarkably good job of communicating the touch and force of well-recorded instrumental music. What I didn’t expect was the PTP-Schick combination surpassing, in that regard, my reference combo of Garrard 301 turntable and EMT 997 tonearm.”


“Everything on the record sounded vibrant and human and immediate, but when played on the Solid12, Charles Moffett’s drumming, especially in “Faces and Places,” had a level of impact I’d never before heard from my system.”

“Nor were the new Solid 12’s talents limited to sheer force (...): It also rivaled my reference in its ability to preserve and present music’s color, texture, and substance.”

“In terms of scale and touch and, again, combined texture and color, the Solid 12 made more of this powerful moment than either my Garrard or my Thorens. Its sound was indeed solid—and huge, and almost uncannily textured—and, by dint of these qualities, the PTP permitted this performance a greater degree of gravitas. It sounded so magically dense, I had to lift the needle and play the beginning of the movement all over again.”

“To paraphrase David Grisman’s famous assessment of mandolinist Frank Wakefield, it sounds to me as though Peter Reinders has split the Lenco atom.”

“The true test of PTP Audio’s revised Solid 12: Every LP I played on it sounded big, colorful, well textured, forceful, and endowed with the sort of momentum that led me to believe that the players and singers whose performances are preserved in those grooves had leaned into every musical curve.”

“The original Solid 12 impressed me; this new version was a knockout.”

“To suggest that vintage-savvy but DIYphobic phonophiles give more than passing consideration to the full-Monty Solid 12 is perhaps the easiest recommendation I’ve ever made: I’d be delighted to live with one of these.”

You can read the entire article on the Stereophile website.

A Best Product 2014 Award for the PTP Audio Solid9 from

Highfidelity Award 2014

Review of the Solid9 and Audiomods tonearm on Positive Feedback:

Positive Feedback

"I kept changing cartridges quite often, listening with interest to the changes they would introduce to the sound. (..) I could try out classic, heavy cartridges that I really like, and that do not work well with all tonearms and turntables (..) This time, swapping cartridges changes the very fabric of the music. The Dutch turntable invites the user to such introspection; to listen to the next disc with curiosity and excitement."

"This is a turntable that makes a virtue of the choices that went into its development."

"Its sound is full and coherent. (..) What came as a surprise to me was the intensity of both the fullness and the coherence. 'Authority' is probably the most appropriate word to describe this relationship. Vinyl discs played back on this international combination had power and confidence that was inherent to the presentation."

"Disc after disc, musical genre after musical genre, production after production, pressing after pressing, and the effect remained the same: solid musical presentation embracing the listener."

"(..) as if the idler drive, free from the problems of direct drive guarantees to perfectly convey the attack transients, maintaining the rhythm and pulse. This is the foundation of music, and without this perfectly drawn attack, ideal coherence and timing, there is nothing but noise."

"It is difficult to indicate what kind of tonality is characteristic of this set—the turntable with the arm. Each cartridge sounded slightly different, in a way that was characteristic of itself, not of the turntable."

"The sound is free and smooth due to the fact that it has something to lean on, instead of "drifting" passively and just creating the impression that it knows the direction in which it flows. Here, we have a focused energy; I would even go as far as to say self-awareness."

"It is, however, very difficult to find a classic turntable that sounds so authoritative and has such a fantastic bass without contouring (i.e. hardening) it."


"This is a perfect basis for music lovers who do not want to look any further. Equip it with any of the aforementioned cartridges and you will be in for an amazing musical performance."


Read the entire review on the Positive Feedback website.

Interview with Peter Reinders in the Summer/Autumn 2014 issue of AAA Switzerland Magazine

Read the interview here (German only)

A second Blue Moon Award for PTP Audio!

Blue Moon Award 2014

Review of the Solid Bearing and Solid12 by 6moons in May 2014:


This new test was done as a follow-up of the earlier Solid12 review, focussing on the new Solid Bearing upgrade.

"Where we stated in the review of the Solid12 with the original bearing that the sound "was generous, fantastically dynamic and tonally rich without artificial fattening" we now had to add "with great imaging"."

"(…) the resultant sound ticked off all our sound quality boxes."

"Some LPs sounded so wonderful that they did not made it back to the record cabinets but were played daily."

"In conclusion we can only say two things. Every owner of a Solid9 or Solid10 should contact Peter for an upgrade kit. And, everyone considering the purchase of a PTP Audio turntable should include the Solid Bearing from the start."

"The Solid12 with the new bearing retains its original Blue Moon Award with an appended asterisk for its consistent improvement."

Read the entire review on the 6moons website.

Review of the Solid12 in the November 2013 issue of German Fidelity Magazine:


Translated quotes:

"A Lenco is simple in a very sophisticated way. Reinders has managed to refine this simplicity even further rather than complicate it."


"What emerged is a fantastic turntable, both esthetically and technically, which is -I dare say- absolutely without competition at this price level."


"The PTP Audio Solid12 is a record-player for people who want to play records, not play with their record-player."


"Just as in cooking it is all about the right combinations and seasoning. The Solid12/Schick/Denon combination chef Reinders has created, is a true three-star menu."


"The turntable sounds neutral in the best sense of the word, is very quiet, with a very low noise floor. It is dynamic when necessary, and, when the recording allows, does so with the highest resolution."


"The Solid12 is wobbler nor oil rig. It doesn't intrude and simply plays the music as it was recorded."


"In the end the Solid12 simply does its job, but it does it perfectly. I cannot give a turntable higher praise than that."


Original German text:

“Wie schon erwähnt, ist so ein Lenco einfach, aber raffiniert aufgebaut. Reinders hat diese Einfachheit perfektioniert, anstatt sie zu verkomplizieren.”


“Herausgekommen ist ein ästhetisch und technisch großartiger Plattenspieler, der für diesen Preis – wage ich zu behaupten - absolut konkurrenzlos ist.”


“Der PTP Audio Solid12 ist ein Plattenspieler für Leute, die Platten spielen wollen – und nicht mit Plattenspielern spielen.”


“Wie bei einem guten Essen kommt es darauf an, dass der Chefkoch sie perfekt kombiniert und abschmeckt. Chefkoch Reinders hat mit seiner „Empfehlung des Hauses“ – PTP, Schick-Arm und gepimptes Denon DL103 – ein 3-Sterne-Menü auf den Teller gezaubert.”


“Der Spieler klingt im besten Sinn neutral. Er ist sehr störgeräuscharm, wunderbar laufruhig. Er klingt dynamisch, wenn gewünscht, und feinstaufgelöst, wenn die Informationen auf der Platte vorhanden sind.”


“Er ist weder „Schwabbler“ noch „Bohrinsel“, lässt sich dem persönlichen Umfeld ästhetisch anpassen und spielt die Musik einfach so, wie sie aufgenommen wurde.”


“Auf den Punkt gebracht, macht der Solid12 einfach nur seinen Job, das aber perfekt. Ein größeres Lob kann ich einem Plattenspieler nicht aussprechen.”


Read the entire review in the November/December 2013 issue of Fidelity or on their website.


Review of the Solid12 by Art Dudley in the June 2013 issue of Stereophile:



“The combination delivered everything I need from this record: punch, drive, force, color, richness, and pure emotional and visceral involvement.”


“Revelation followed revelation throughout my first afternoon with the Solid12.”

“Note attacks from the string players, the horn section, and even the woodwinds were portrayed with the same kind of sheer sonic force and drive that, via most contemporary record players, one can hope to hear only from percussion instruments, if even them.”


“The Solid12 allowed the music its natural, believable, human-sounding sense of momentum and flow: Records sounded engaging and, where appropriate, exciting. That’sthe most important thing I ask of any piece of playback gear.”


“The Solid12 had an agreeable and altogether believable tonal balance.”


“The Solid12 entirely avoided the sort of bright, crunchy sound produced by lesser and altogether more perturbable record players.”


“The essential musical rightness and the sheer availability and affordability of PTP Audio’s Solid12 can’t be overstated. If you want to know what the idler-wheel fuss is all about, this may be the easiest and most affordable way to find out.”


“This is as close to a plug-and-play idler-wheel turntable as you’re likely to find in 2013.”


“If musical drive is at the top of your list, I know of only one way to successfully get it, and this is that sort of player.”


Read the entire review in the June 2013 issue of Stereophile or on their website.




Blue Moon Award for PTP Audio!

Blue Moon Award

Review of the Solid12 by 6moons in November 2012:


"We use ‘enjoying’ because from the very first tone on it was clear how this really was no ordinary turntable. Played on this Solid12 the album’s tracks cut straight to the chase. This showed well defined attacks, plucked bass without any smearing whatsoever and profoundly deep bass. Sustains just kept hovering in mid air like lazy angels and then again that bass heavy of weight and texture would intrude without being artificially enhanced at all."


"(…) what quickly became obvious was how the Solid12 was a real foot stomper. It was more of a rock’n’rolla if you will and to be honest, more sheer fun. True, the Dr. Feickert revealed the minutest of details beautifully and in all the right places of the virtual soundstage where the PTP just played music. Of course its details were there unobscured by low-level noise but why pay extra attention to details when the whole brings so much more?"


"Listening to the combination of long arm, simple but high-quality cartridge and PTP Audio turntable brought out more music than we could have expected. It was generous, fantastically dynamic and tonally rich without artificial fattening. Even though listening in the sweet spot was very enjoyable, every other spot in the room was just as pleasant. The music was everywhere, soundstaged properly if one wanted be in the sweet spot but just as enveloping elsewhere."


"What we heard and experienced from the first track on with the Solid12 was its ability to communicate the intention of the music. The emotions captured in the grooves were present throughout the entire reviewing period. It seemed that the Solid12/Schick/DL-103 combo really begged for live recordings where it excelled at bringing out the co-recorded atmosphere."


"PTP Audio has added a new category of built-to-order which since seems to have grown into a very strong new competitor in the turntable scene. The sound quality achieved by these sub 2500 euro tables—we're not joking!—is hard to find elsewhere at even thrice the price."


Read the entire article on the 6moons website.




Review of the PTP Audio Solid12 by Audio Creative in September 2012:



Translated quotes:

“This PTP Audio turntable is a mighty fine product that will keep you happy for the rest of your life. If you have the opportunity to listen to one, take the chance, you'll be as impressed as I am. This sounds not just good, it sounds darn good.”


“The drive and understated power. There's something special about this apparent excess of horsepower you don't really need, but which makes it all so easy.”


“I get to the point where I think: what more do I need to lean back satisfied and enjoy my albums? A 8000 Euro arm or cartridge? A turntable that's way over the top? Even if I had the money, why should I? Actually, I'd rather have the PTP just like it is playing here now.”


Original Dutch text:

“Een machtig mooi product, deze PTP draaitafel. Je hoeft waarschijnlijk van je langzaljeleven niks anders meer op platenspeler gebied. Krijg je de gelegenheid om er eens naar te luisteren, grijp die mogelijkheid dan aan. Je zult niet minder gecharmeerd over zijn dan ik ben. Dit klinkt niet gewoon goed, dit klinkt verdraaid goed.”


“De drive en ingehouden kracht, de schijn van een overdaad aan p.k.’s die je niet echt nodig bent maar het allemaal zo gemakkelijk maakt. ‘Het’ heeft gewoon ‘iets’.”


“Dan ben ik op een gegeven moment op een punt waarop ik denk: wat heb ik eigenlijk nog meer nodig dan dit om tevreden achterover leunend van mijn vinylalbums te kunnen genieten? Een 8000 euro element? Een arm van hetzelfde bedrag, een loopwerk dat helemaal door het lint is gegaan? Mmm, waarvoor eigenlijk, zelfs al had ik de centen er voor liggen? Eigenlijk wil ik het liefst gewoon een PTP zoals die hier staat te spelen.”

Read the entire article in Dutch or in a Goolgle translated English version.