Solid Bearing

Solid Bearing

Solid Bearing
Although the original Lenco bearing is very good, and certainly much better than its humble look suggests, there is always room for improvement. This upgrade offers a far more rigid construction, made to a much closer tolerance, from the best materials available.
The housing and the bottom cap are both CNC-machined from solid pieces of stainless steel, guaranteeing a perfect fit and leak free operation. The bushings are made from self-lubricating sinter-bronze. The very well made original spindle is retained but is now resting on a perfectly round, perfectly smooth ruby ball, which in turn sits on a very slippery, durable POM thrustplate.
The result is a much lower noise floor, bringing clearly audible improvements in quietness, imaging and overall solidity.

Technical summary
Upgrade bearing for the Solid9 and Solid12 turntables.
Solid stainless steel housing, 65mmm high and 50 to 25 mm in diameter.
Original hardened Lenco spindle.
Tightly toleranced sinter-bronze bushings.
Perfectly round, extremely durable ruby ball.
POM thrustplate.
Low viscosity oil.
Bearing clamp from 8mm powder coated steel.

€350.- when ordered together with a Solid9 or Solid12.