PTP Audio Solid12


Technical summary
Idler drive.
450x550x50mm solid Corian plinth.
Two part 4mm stainless steel top plate.
Separate motor plate for maximum isolation.
Polished 4kg die cast aluminium platter.
High torque AC induction motor.
33 and 45 rpm.
Exchangeable Corian armboard in the colour of the plinth.
Suitable for arms with a spindle to pivot distance between 270mm and 330mm.
(For those who prefer 9" or 10” arms we offer the slightly smaller Solid9)
A wide range of colours to choose from.
The Solid12 is completely assembled and ready to use.
25 kg.

€3150.- (for black or white, other colours available on request)

To make sure our products perform to their maximum ability the following is done:

Lenco parts
The Lenco parts have a long life behind them. To bring them back to their former glory they will all be thoroughly serviced.
The motor will be completely disassembled, serviced and rebuilt.
The bearing will be cleaned, rebuilt and filled with special low viscosity oil. If necessary the bearings will get a new ball, thrustplate and/or bushings to guarantee perfectly quiet running. Alternatively we offer our new bearing upgrade for even better performance.
The idlerwheel will be cleaned and lubricated. The idler arm will be coated to damp any ringing. Finally, the whole assembly will be realigned, a very important step to make the turntable run silently.
The platter will be cleaned, polished and damped with rubber O-rings.

New parts
All new parts are made, according to our design and specifications, by highly skilled manufacturers to guarantee a long, hassle free life and a perfect fit and finish.
The plinth is made from solid Corian, CNC machined for highest precision.
The top plate consists of two pieces of 4mm thick stainless steel plate, laser cut into shape, with a beautiful brushed finish. It provides a rock solid platform for the bearing and optimal isolation of the motor.
Armboards are made from Corian and provide a solid base worthy of the best arms available.
A bearing clamp, made from 8mm powder coated steel, is mounted to the bottom of the plinth improving the bearing stiffness enormously.
All wiring and the switch are brand new to guarantee safe operation.

The concept is quite flexible so if you have special requirements don’t hesitate to contact us.
We're certain a fitting solution can be found.

To ensure that the product you buy is as good as it can be, Peter Reinders services all Lenco parts and assembles, tests and tunes each individual turntable himself. His long experience and expertise make all the difference.