Schick 12"

With his tonarm design Thomas Schick has managed to combine the ideals of the  "romantic, sweet and pleasant" crowd with those of the "detail lovers". Color of tone is preserved, but so are the smallest details.


Technical Summary
Transcription tonearm, available in 9" and 12".
Ultra high-precision ball bearings.
The 9" version:
  229mm mounting distance
  246mm effective length
  For cartridges with compliance below 22x10-6cm/Dyne.
The 12" version:
  305mm mounting distance
  317.5mm effective length
  For cartridges with compliance below 20x10-6cm/Dyne.
Careful damping of arm vibrations.
Damped cueing mechanism.
Thread/weight type antiskate.
Available in Silver, Black or Gold (the armtube is always polished aluminium).
Optional graphite headshell.

€1699.- for the 9" arm.
€1699.- for the 12" arm.
€250.- for the graphite headshell.

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