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The Wand Plus

The Wand Unipivot Tonearm® represents a step change in tonearm design. This is not your grandmother’s gramophone. Its large diameter carbon-fibre arm tube makes it at least four times stiffer than traditional arms. Since its launch in 2011 it has picked up a BEST Design Award (New Zealand) and numerous Five Star reviews around the world.


Technical Summary
Unipivot design, available in 9", 10.3" and 12".
Large diameter (22mm) carbon-fibre tube (4 times stiffer than a normal diameter arm).
The 9" version:
  222mm mounting distance
  240mm effective length
  12.5g effective mass.
The 12" version:
  295mm mounting distance
  309mm effective length
  15g effective mass.
Ergonomic cueing via tip of arm.
Careful termination of arm vibrations.
Body made from a 50mm billet of stainless steel.
Wiring is an uninterupted run of 900mm Cardas wire.
ETi/Eichmann Bullet Plug phono connectors.
Damped cueing mechanism.
Thread / weight type antiskate.
Total weight approx 500g (550g for 12 arm).
The Wand Unipivot Tonearm is a Registered Design (NZ; 414494) and a Registered Trademark. Copyright is asserted on all components. US Pat Appln; 29396989.

€1200.- for the 9" The Wand Plus.
€1300.- for the 10.3" The Wand Plus.
€1500.- for the 12" The Wand Plus.

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