Owner Feedback

Feedback from Power Controller owner Beat, Switzerland



I recieved and connected the power controller last week.
The first listening was very impressive.
A lot more of details could be heard and the soundfloor was much quieter.
Bass was more pronounced.
A big improvement that didn't cost much.
I am very satisfied with this controller.


Feedback from Solid12+9 owner Steve, Canada



After auditioning the Solid12+9 for nearly 4 weeks, I think it's time to provide my feedback.
The performance of the Solid12+9 far exceeded my expectations. The first thing that caught my attention was the very low noise floor. Thanks to the new bearing and external speed controller, the turntable runs very smoothly and accurately. With a dark background, the details of the music are vividly presented. The grandeur of orchestral music is particularly impressive because the soundstage is deep and expansive The music is vibrant and dynamic. It's a real treat listening to live recordings.
The turntable is rock solid and it provides a stable platform for the tone arm and cartridge to operate. My Shelter Harmony MC cartridge never sounded this good. Even a humble Denon DL103R sounds terrific when it is mounted on the Audio Creative Groovemaster tonearm.
Thank you Peter for the good job.


Feedback from Solid9 owner and professional reviewer Chris Bayer, Germany

PTP Audio Speed Controller 

Between silence and vibration

The vinyl boom is not over yet and there are many good turntables to chose from out there. Being a reviewer I am not „given“ any turntables to keep, I pick them with care and buy them. Ever since I decided to buy a PTP I am a happy man and believe me, I can compare with the very best. This is my personal turntable that I use when I want to listen to music for fun and recreation. The late Art Dudley did recommend this turntable for a reason. It is partnered with a Schröder No 2 SQ tonearm - an ideal match, I believe. My PTP Solid 9 is a bit of a novelty, since Peter Reinders matched the Corian he uses for his plinths with a special type of wood. I was listening to it with the simple pleasure of being able to fully focus on the music for about a year when Reinders asked me if I wanted to try his newly developed speed controller. What’s a speed controller? Well it is an external power supply that helps you fine-tune the speed externally and provides a better and more stable voltage for the turntable to work with. So that means „no more“ fiddling with the levers on the PTP to adjust 45rpm in the first place. I didn’t hesitate because I felt the price was very attractive and I have learned in the past, that these power supplies usually help lift the turntable’s performance they are used with even further. Said, done. Installation is dead easy, only that I chose another option, Reinders recommended: to use the motor with 110 Volts. He said that should quieten the operation even further.

I am not a friend of talking in superlatives. But after that was done you could most likely hear my breath since down really deep and relax while being able to listen in a much profounder way. Why? I hate noise and my PTP is now so quiet, that I only know it’s on because the platter turns. Fine tuning the speed with a strobe disc is super easy. You only need a small flat screen driver and your eyes. So no noise – what does that mean? The absence of noise helps the music to breathe in every way. When no unwanted noise patterns interfere, small details pop up, that you never heard before. The midrange profits enormously, the bass is much tighter and the highs sparkle and glimmer like fireflies. It is an upgrade I never even think about, I consider it essential. Or what would you do if every aspect of the performance of your beloved turntable is bettered?

Feedback from Solid9 owner Ross, Australia

Even with the Rega, the turntable is looking and sounding amazing. First impressions are extremely positive.
I have been listening to the Solid 9 for the last few hours. I have owned quite a few very good turntables over the last 10 years or so, including the top spec Linn LP12, AMG Viella and Kuzma Stabi Reference. It has quickly become apparent that the Solid 9 sounds better than all of them! There is a density and drive to the sound that I have not previously heard from any turntable. It sounds very dynamic and musically engaging, as well as tonally colourful. This is really is a great turntable!
I am very happy with the result!


Feedback from Solid9 owner Martin, UK


This turntable is good. Very good. This has to be stated from the get go. My new Solid9 arrived, very securely packed, in the middle of December 2020. The UK had just entered its third Covid lockdown. But dark pandemic clouds sometimes have a silver lining and the enforced home stay meant I had plenty of time on my hands. Time to get to know and enjoy Peter Reinders’ marvellous-sounding and beautiful-looking creation.

I’ve always made room in my hi-fi setup for niche products made by independent producers who are obsessed by a particular philosophy. The product has to deliver in sound quality, obviously, but the back-story of the individual who made it is also something I value. It was with this in mind that fifteen years I bought the best pre-amp I have ever owned, direct from John Chapman, who runs Bent Audio in Canada. His hand-made Tap pre-amp used transformer volume control (TVC) units, made by Stevens and Billington in the UK, to produce a well-configured passive unit that has seen off all challengers ever since.

When it came to a turntable upgrade, a friend of a friend had previously praised the qualities of his idler drive Lenco, mounted in a home-made plinth. I then discovered PTP Audio while investigating possible candidates to replace my much-tweaked Systemdek 2X2. I knew I didn’t have the required skills to undertake my own DIY project, but Peter’s Solid9 appeared to tick lots of my boxes: excellent reviews; environmentally-friendly, recycling old Lencos; and a cool design into the bargain. Another big positive was that one of Peter’s recommended tonearms is the new Audiomods Series Six. Hand-crafted by Jeff Spall in the UK, it is an arm that I had already earmarked as a possible acquisition.

When it came to ordering and shipping, the process was very smooth. Questions to Peter were answered swiftly and the turntable was ready when he said it would be. When it arrived, in a two-part delivery to accommodate the dust cover I had also ordered, it was very well-packed. Set up was simple, and Peter has subsequently always been on hand to answer my further questions.

So what of the sound of the Solid9 and Audiomods Series Six combination? I have been delighted! Running with a Benz Micro Glider cart into a Tom Evans The Groove phonostage, it has proved to me that vinyl really is king, something I had begun to doubt after investing in a very expensive Chord dac. The reviews on Peter’s website outline the areas in which this turntable excels better than I can, but if I had to pick one it would be its authority and drive. It draws you into the music irresistibly! As one reviewer writes: “This is a perfect basis for music lovers who do not want to look any further.”

Martin, February 2021

Feedback from Solid9 owner Martin, Switzerland

Dear Peter,

I have my first listening session with the Solid9 behind me- and I have been genuinely surprised.

I believe my previous turntable, the TW Acustic Raven AC, which I owned happily for the last eleven years, is one of the best turntables money can buy. So it came as quite a shock that your comparatively unimposing Solid9, which also only costs about a fifth of the current Raven, surpasses it in pretty much every way sonically.

Besides dynamics, size (height, width and depth) and precision of the soundstage, and macrodynamics, in which your Solid9 was sonically far superior, it was the musical cohesiveness which impressed me most of all. Only in terms of precision and microdynamics I found both turntables to be about equal.
With the Solid9, the musician's sense of rythm seemed far more precise, their musical performance more genuine and more touching than with the TW Acustic. I simply felt immersed in music. My fullrange speakers, the Auditorium 23 Provence, wrigled an awful lot of live-feel from the recordings. I could hardly stop listening, it hasn't been this much fun in a very long time! Thank you very much for a magnificent piece of technical art. The Solid9 stays here!

Feedback from Solid12 owner Steve, Canada

The most remarkable trait of the Solid 12 is on a personal level; LPs I have known and loved for years reveal themselves with a unique and unmatched character on the Solid 12. There is dynamic swing, rhythmic pacing, vocal imaging, low-end weight, detail and lushness never before experienced on dozens of records I have heard countless times before. These experiences are the reason I listen to vinyl and search out great pressings of music that moves me.

I cannot say if playback on the Solid 12 is more correct than another turntable or digital system. Music is just different coming from the Solid 12. Music feels analog, full, and alive.

Thank You Peter, for building me such a beautiful turntable -- it is a dream. The Solid 12 is exceptional machine and is the centrepiece of my hifi system. I am proud to own it.

You can read more about Steve's system on the Klipsch website.

Feedback from Solid(12+9) owner Robin, Malaysia

Forward to the Past
This best describes it: 1960s Lenco motor, idler wheel drive, platter and spindle and bearing assembly (new 'Solid' bearing housing optional, which I opted for), suspended by modern laser- cut stainless steel top plate on CNC milled Corian plinth.
I ordered mine during a brief sojourn in Amsterdam from London where I spent October. Such a hospitable guy, Peter, made me a hot tea and Tom Yom mee (it was wet and cold) on arrival at his home and workshop and drove me to the Dutch National Opera House afterwards.
The TT, a Solid12+9, all 35kg of it, arrived on 29/12/15. It came with armboards for Jelco TA750LD & Kuzma 4P ('akan datang') plus a blank for Triplanar III. Next evening both arms were transplanted on the Solid12+9. Jelco with Ortofon A95 , Triplanar with Koetsu Rosewood.
Plenty of PRAT was had, background silence deafening, bass taut and deep. Discernibly superior in these respects to the TT from where the Jelco +A95 had been transplanted. Nor put to shame by the VPI HW19 IV (with SAMA) from which Triplanar + Koetsu had been transplanted. The TT seems impervious to airborne vibrations and the knuckle test.
Have had it only 5 days but impression so far is Good, and good value, especially vis-a-vis the incredibly expensive 'Super' TTs around.


Feedback from Solid9 owner Roy, UK

After using various so called hi-end belt drive turntables for over 25 years, I have found
the only turntable I will ever need in the solid 9. This table handles all genres of music
with sheer authority but in a real understated way. Music is presented as a cohesive whole,
with no particular part of the frequency range being a distraction. It lets audiophile material shine but also does justice to less well recorded music, a superb performer.
Thanks Peter.

Feedback from Solid12 owner Robert, USA

I have had my PTP modified Lenco turntable with Schick 12” arm for about a month now and am very pleased with the results. Having owned a number of table/arm combinations I have some perspective to use for comparison. This is an attractive table/arm combination and I especially like the ease of operation of the table and the simplicity of the Schick arm in use.
I really like the dynamics of sound that this combo produces. The sound is lively and engaging in an upbeat manner but musical at all times. The Lenco/Schick combo allows me to hear clearly the differences between cartridges more easily than with previous table/arms that I have owned.
The entire experience with Peter has been most pleasant. Everything has worked perfectly and he answers all emails promptly. A perfect person to deal with for transatlantic purchases of this type. If you are a vinyl addict you might want to give Peter a call or email as the case may be.


Feedback from Solid9 owner Greg, USA

Greg's Solid9

Hi Peter,

Count me as a very happy customer. I've put about 30 hours on it and it sounds wonderful. Having owned two refurbished idler drives in the past, the Solid9 gives me greater peace of mind and a sense of stability from your experience and modern engineering. I feel like it will be many years before I need to start worrying about something going out of tolerance. Thanks and best of luck to you.

Feedback from Solid9 owner Josh, USA


My New PTP Solid 9 Turntable arrived this week. It was ready to be shipped a couple of weeks ago, but I was on vacation so I had Peter Reinders, the builder, hold off on shipping until I returned. Coincidentally while on vacation we spent a few days in Amsterdam and were able to meet up with Peter and enjoy a few beers with him.
I set the table up last night and gave it its first spin. The difference is significant and amazing. It is not a small improvement, it is dramatic. I will try to verbalize what we were hearing but first a little background on the TTs that I have used recently. I say we as my wife met Peter as well and was intrigued to hear the new TT. Needless to say she was a bit skeptical that there would be differences in turntables. She became a true believer after about 5 seconds of listening.
When I re-entered the world of vinyl, I started with a VPI HW19 that over time I upgraded to a Mk IV. I sold that in favor of a clearaudio champion which I sold to buy a champion level 2 . Additionally along the way I had a Thorens TD 124 and a Linn LP 12. I did significant upgrades on the Linn. I could never get the Thorens dialed in. Always had rumble issues. But if I could ignore the rumble I could tell that power of the delivery was there. The PTP delivers the drive of the Thorens but without the rumble and complicated mechanicals. The other tables mentioned are not even close to producing the liveliness and presence provided by the PTP.
One of the things that is quite noticeable is that you can hear and feel the percussive component of acoustic stringed instruments. Acoustic Guitars, Pianos, Violins etc all have a percussive component that comes alive with this turntable. A violin section can sound somewhat smeared but not with this table. The violin section comes alive with drive and power that is not apparent on the other tables. This is just one example. The best way to describe the difference is that the music comes alive. The idler drive “drives” the stylus through complicated passages with out drag and the effect on the quality of playback is incredible.
I think that Peter has mitigated the negatives associated with idler drives by separating the motor plate from the bearing - eliminating the rumble that was apparent on my thorens. The Lenco drive system is elegantly simple.
This is an eye opener. I can see why both Art Dudley and 6Moons went gaga over this table. And why a similar idler drive turntable replaced a Forsell TT as Arthur Salvadores reference table.
If anyone is thinking of upgrading their vinyl front end the PTP Solid should be on the short list!



Feedback from Solid12 owner Peter, Switzerland

Hi Peter,
I've had quite a few turntables in the past, but I never had one running so quietly, so deeply noiseless and with an amazingly perfect tonal balance. Additionally it's perfectly handcrafted and meets high aesthetic demands as well.
I thank you so much for this outstanding piece of work, it was well worth waiting for it!
Tonight is a listening night!
Best Regards,


Feedback from Solid(12+9) owner David, USA

Hello Peter!
Almost everything I play on my new turntable is more fluid and lively. If it is not, it is not your deck, nor Thomas' arm, but a well worn disk! The accuracy of this new kit presents everything with such clarity.


Having two tonearms with such different sonic signatures has been engaging too. The OL arm with the Goldring 1042 sounds fantastic too, however the image presented is not as open as Thomas' arm and modified cart. I do not wish to imply the OL/1042 image is "compressed," or "muddled" because it is neither of these!
Is everything according to my wishes? Yes, and revealing my collection in a wonderfully surprising way! In a conversation with a friend we mused on the "one-point" perspective of monophonic recordings and the "two-point" perspective of stereo recordings. With your TT you can discern whether the artists were in the same room, or individual tracks mixed... especially jazz recordings.

Truth is, your deck, Schick arm and modded cart have me in a bit of a "free fall" from perceptions I'd had of most of my vinyl recordings. I do not wish to exaggerate, yet I'm re-presented vinyl I've enjoyed for many years anew, "warts and all." Your deck and Schick arm are source "revealing"... perhaps better, revelatory.

Thank you again for revealing so much more of what my collection actually is!

Feedback from Solid(12+9) owner Mike, USA

Mike's Solid12

I took a wrong turn on the analog path somewhere, and had been listening to digital more and more, both for convenience and because it sounded better on average than my analog set up. Digital has gotten a lot better in recent years, and my digital front end is decent- a dedicated, tweaked Mac mini feeding an Auralic Vega with some fancy cables and accessories. I was starting to think that digital had finally equalled or surpassed analog - at least any analog that cost less than my house. Listening to your turntable completely reversed that. With any decent piece of vinyl, the turntable is so much more involving and musical than the digital. I am having a great time re-discovering my record collection. I still probably listen to digital for the convenience, and it is not bad, but when I really want to experience the music, the turntable wins, no contest. It is a great product that you must be proud off.
Best regards,

Feedback from Solid12 owner Lars, Sweden


Hi Peter,
My Solid 12 is working beautifully with a 12" Thomas Schick arm and a Miyajima Shilabe cartridge. I think it is the most musical record player I have ever owned - and I have owned quite a few. I understand that some listeners consider the idler Wheel - 12" arm combo "old school". Well, speaking for myself - I cannot find anything "old school" about this. It sounds equally at home with everything from Bach to Kraftwerk, Green Day to Buddy Rich Big Band. A wonderful player!



Feedback from Solid(9+12) owner Richard, Hong Kong

Hi Peter,
Received the Solid 9 + 12 in excellent condition, and many thanks for all the perfect precision works on both armboards which made installment of tonearms so easy and quick.
I did not know the Dynavector tonearm 507 could sound so wonderful before I moved it here from another turntable ! I also installed the newly purhcased Schick tonearm which gave me another surprise that how come a low-priced tonearm could have such nice performance.
The Dynavector is fitted with a Koetsu Tiger Eye and the Schick with a mono cartridge from Miyajima Zero.  My phono amp is Audio Research Reference Phono 2SE.
I am particularily impressed with piano sound. I could hear much more than before, both detail and power ! Now I enjoy the Solid9+12 very much. Believe this is Lenco magic. Well done, Peter !


Feedback from Solid Bearing and Solid12 owner George, Las Vegas, USA.

Dear Peter,
Your new upgraded bearing is terrific. It looks like a work of art compared to the original. CNC machined stainless steel, sinter-bronze bushings, POM thrust plate. It looks like it was manufactured by Ferrari or BMW. The sound improvement has not been subtle which makes me scratch my head. It's just a bearing! Music is emanating from a very black background. Almost non existent noise floor. It is allowing my Lenco to do everything a little better. Listening to Clifford Brown and Max Brown's drums are startling. I am beyond thrilled, and now I have piece of mind that my bearing is no longer 40 years old. Also, the instructions and pictures for swapping bearings were perfect. It took me about 10 minutes to do the job. Bravo!


Feedback from Solid12 owner Justin, Singapore.

Justin's Solid12

Dear Peter,
Your PTP Audio Solid12 arrived in good shape, with packaging intact. When I took it out, I saw a big, elegant, modern looking, minimalist turntable. It is quite heavy. After placing it on the 3 small pyramidal feet I leveled the turntable, fitted the platter and fixed the 12” Schick arm (another glorious piece of art). The installation went smoothly. I set the tracking force to 2.3 g using an Ortofon digital gauge and checked the overhang, null points and azimuth with a Feickert protractor. The readings were good. You got them spot on.

How is the sound? Very good. I listened to all sorts of music, rock, classical, easy listening. Especially music with good bass, drive and dynamics, e.g. symphonic music, rock and roll, classic rock. The Solid12 sounds more real, the singer and the instruments have more body compared to my DCS CD-player with upsampling. Treble is as sweet as the CD (I am comparing the same music/album played via the Solid12 and the DCS player) but less screechy. Via the DCS player the treble is simlpy more digital. The mids via the turntable are more fleshed out and the singer, the chorus, the individual instruments are all easy to discern. Like my family said the music has more body and is more REAL! The wide soundstage and separation of instruments are equally as good as the CD. Bass? Fantastic.If you want to listen to good bass, you need vinyl. I have subwoofers to augment the bass in my system. Bass from the Solid12 is deep, rock solid , full of definition and you can hear the bass drum and bass guitar clearly. It is as good if not better as my CD-player. Modern vinyl is very quiet, no more pops and crackles! Like the reviewers said, music emerged from a deep, dark, empty nothingness! I am in Vinyl heaven! Thank you Peter for introducing me and my family to good music!

The downside? I think the cost of the turntable is very reasonable for the quality of its sound. Your customer service is very good. Initially I thought how am I going to order a heavy delicate turntable from thousands of miles away? But your emails were prompt, you gave good explanations, you accomodated my requests, you did a fantastic job on the turntable and the delivery service was fast and secured.Therefore I think the downside is the hassle of getting up frequently to change sides and to clean the record!

Thank you.

Feedback from Solid9 owner Kevin, Paris, USA.

I have enjoyed vinyl playback for nearly 50 years (my how time flies!) during this time I’ve been through a number of turntables (belt drives), but have to say that the Solid9 is my favorite.

Recently, I’ve been listening to records I haven’t listened to in years, because in the past a lot of them seemed to lack presence and dynamics, and seemed flat. What I didn’t realize was that the turntables I had at the time were the chief cause of the lack of dynamics.

With the Solid9 I experience a very live experience, with great speed, presence and dynamics. The sound is well represented across the frequency spectrum with a quickness and “punch and drive” that you generally only get at a live experience. The sound blossoms naturally, creating a soundstage that extends both to the outside of the speakers (left and right) frontally, and also with a deep spacious stage between the speakers and to the rear. I find that the Solid9 is very accurate to my ears and tonally it sounds “right”.

When I first hooked up the Solid9 is was actually stunned with the overall fullness, dynamics, and drive, it honestly it gave me “goose bumps”.

Evidentially, just like the “Vacuum Tube,” some technologies just cannot be bettered and I now find my self in the “Idler” camp. I will add that had I not read Art Dudley’s review in Stereophile, I might have missed years of great listening.

Working with Peter has been a pleasure. Shipment was faster than getting something here in the US, packing was excellent, and communication was first rate, a very pleasurable experience.

With great appreciation,

Feedback from Solid12 owner Randy, San Francisco, USA.

Randy's Solid12

My Nocturnal “Playmate”
I was looking for a new turntable and taking my time during the research process. While surfing the Internet one day, I noticed a review on the always-interesting 6moons website that caught my attention: a turntable called the Solid12. After further reading, I learned that it was a complete turntable built by Peter Reinders, who has a fine reputation in the Lenco enthusiasts’ community.

I had owned another modified Lenco for several years, which was made by another well-known builder. However, I disliked it from the very beginning, it was noisy and something was always going wrong with it. So acquiring another Lenco-based deck was far from my intent.

But after seeing Peter’s creation, I knew I wanted one. It just had that certain “rightness” about it. For me, the way a turntable looks is as important as its sonic attributes. The Solid12 was what I was looking for. I contacted Peter and discussed the ordering process. I decided to go with the Thomas Schick 12-inch tonearm, since I was planning to use an Ortofon SPU cartridge. After sending him my initial deposit, Peter ordered the arm and got to work on my project.

I received an email from Peter about 12 weeks later that the tonearm had arrived and my Solid12 was ready for shipment. Just two days from Amsterdam to my doorstep – amazing service!

Set up is straightforward, and Peter provides everything you’ll need, except the detachable power cord. The three footers are really nice, too. It’s truly plug and play.

The Solid12 has an impressive appearance. Peter has worked his magic with the black (Nocturne) Corian material to produce a sleek plinth with gentle curves and low profile that shines and is smooth to the touch. The Schick tonearm is beautifully balanced and feels like a natural extension of my hand. The designer even incorporates a set screw on the arm tube near the collet to allow for azimuth adjustment. Very handy for the SPU user to dial- in the set up.

Push the high quality spring-loaded red power button, and the Solid12 starts right up and runs very quietly – no more sounds or visions of a hamster turning the idler wheel. Speed is stable, and now I know what they mean by the Lenco idler magic. André Previn and his Pals’ playing on the West Side Story album, I’m hearing the interplay between the musicians, details that have previously escaped my ears. It’s music, and I’m liking what I hear.

In summary, I’d say my search for the right turntable has come to an end, and it is a happy ending. If you want a turntable that looks and sounds great at a reasonable price, put yourself in Peter’s capable hands, and he will do the rest. Should you need help with set up questions and the like, he is always there with a prompt response and keen insight. Exemplary customer service. Well done, Peter!

Feedback from Solid12 owner Dean, Australia.

Hi Peter,
Hope you are well and business is booming!
Thought I would touch base and let you know how I’m going with the Solid12-Schick combo as it has been a couple of months now since we have been in contact.
Well so far I am very impressed. The sound is very alive, solid, and dynamic with great attack of notes, bearing in mind this is with the basic denon 103!!
As the denon is a borrowed cart I’m contemplating purchasing either a modified denon or one of the better SPUs for even better performance. Hmmm!
Peter, I also want express how stress and hassle free it was dealing with you through the whole process from start to finish. I mean answering all my questions via email promptly and courteously which always put me at ease dealing with someone on the other side of the globe. And the finished product is exceptional.
Many thanks and regards,

Feedback from Solid9, Solid12 and Solid(9+12) owner Berthold, Switzerland.

"This is without a doubt the best record player that I have ever heard. And I am familiar with many of them..."

"I have set up the Solid12 with Schick arm and SPU. It sounds powerful, dynamic and liquid."

"Monday evening two of my AAA-friends were here and they are convinced that they want to buy a PTP Audio turntable!"

More pictures from Berthold here

Feedback from Solid12 owner George, Las Vegas, USA:

"Even though I was aware of the dimensions and weight, the size and beauty were startling. All the wonderful idler drive traits were there from the first notes. HUGE bass, drive, slam, flow, and amazing musicality. My friend and I started with the Graceland Lp reissue. Our intention was to listen critically, but we just got lost in the music with big smiles on our faces. Don't get me wrong, all the details are there, but the way this table presents music as a whole is really special. I know it is cliche, but I cannot wait to go through my whole Lp collection. I love to change out gear, but I bet this table will be a mainstay for years to come. Or at least till Peter brings the Solid 12 MK2 to market."

"I listened on and off for seven hours yesterday. This table/arm is just awesome. Gonna have to get my wife a nice present for neglecting her."


Pete Riggle of VTAF who set the above turntable up adds:

Hi Peter,

What a wonderful and refined combination . . . George Moore's PTP Audio Solid12 modified Lenco table, with the 12.2" Woody tonearm, and the Denon/Soundsmith cartridge. I have played the arm and cartridge on both the Solid Audio PTP table and my resident Thorens TD124. The PTP Audio table makes my Thorens TD124 sound less polished by comparison (and I had no complaints before). Now I understand the Lenco magic. Congratulations on the nice work you have done.

Kind Regards,
Pete Riggle
Pete Riggle Engineering and Audio
Manufacturer of the Woody(tm) tonearm, the VTAF, and the Counterweight for the Common Man

Feedback from Solid12 owner Patrice, France:

PTP Audio Solid12

"When still a kid I started my audiophile life with a stock Lenco L75 and Shure V15 cartridge and enjoyed it for its reliability and overall performance.
When I had the chance a couple of weeks ago, to compare PTP Audio's upgraded version of this prehistoric table to my long-time resident TW Acustic Raven AC with three-motor drive, rated by many reviewers as one of the best current turntables in the world, I couldn't resist.

I set up the PTP Audio Solid12 with my regular Ikeda 407 arm and 9TT cartridge, a combo of undisputed performance. When I played the first record my jaw dropped. During the evening I played record after record in an attempt to find flaws. It was impossible. Never had my system sounded so close to a live concert, be it jazz, rock or extremely demanding classical. The turntable simply stayed out of the equation.
The next day I decided to keep this unbelievable table in my hi-end system. Compared to the Raven the Solid12 has more PRAT, better dynamics and is even more invisible. It sounds bigger with better soundstage depth and bass is fantastic. The background is dead silent and the turntable is always at ease. For each recording it is a game changer.
Peter Reinders has brought incredible transparency, bandwidth, speed and dynamics to a product that is sane but short of true audiophile qualities in unmodified form.
The TW Acustic Raven AC three-motor remains a good product, but, like many other current products, can't compare with the desperately simple PTP Audio. You will not buy one to impress your friends, that is not until they hear the first notes. The fact you can buy one for under €3000.- is very very embarrassing for the competition.
I have no doubt that Peter Reinders has very good ears and lots of experience in upgrading Lencos. With his PTP Audio products he has reached a level which I thought was totally beyond these venerable turntables."



Feedback from Solid9 owner Graham, Abu Dhabi:

Hot Red Solid9

“I have been a music lover since my early years when my parents first had a wind-up 78 rpm record player, then later a large piece of furniture which played radio and early mono vinyl records, followed by a stereo Dansette record player and finally a quadraphonic sound system.

I purchased my own first hifi system in 1973; a Pioneer PL12D turntable with a Shure V15 cartridge, a Goodmans Module 80 receiver and Celestion Ditton 44 loudspeakers. This system was replaced in the early 80’s after I had moved to Hong Kong by a Dunlop Systemdek turntable with a Syrinx PU2 tonearm and a Supex SD900 cartridge feeding various Sony or Rotel amps and Yamaha NS1000M loudspeakers. With the almost universal adoption of CD, I stopped using the turntable when the suspended sub-chassis ceased to float properly and planned to replace all my existing vinyl albums with ‘superior’ CD versions, although I never sold or threw away any of my vinyl albums.

Then, in 1998, as I had not been able to find CD versions of all my albums, I got back into vinyl with the purchase of a Rega Planar 3 turntable. By this time, I had bought NAD amps and Bowers & Wilkins DM604 S2 loudspeakers and found that the vinyl reproduction was better than I had expected even though I was playing old records. I was suddenly interested in turntables and vinyl again.

Over the next 10+ years, I slowly upgraded various parts of the Rega Planar 3 until only the original plinth and lid remained. I believe that each upgrade improved the quality of the music I heard and many of my friends, none of whom had a turntable, agreed that the system presented more detail than any CD. But, I felt there was room for further improvement from vinyl and, this year, sought out a new and better turntable.

My research took me, eventually, to the websites of Arthur Salvatore’s High End Audio, Jean Nantais’ TJN, Lenco Heaven and finally PTP Audio. Without having the opportunity, where I live in the UAE, to audition any of their products and wishing to keep the cost to reasonable levels, I chose a PTP Audio Solid9 turntable hoping a refurbished and re-built Lenco-based turntable would be all that its proponents claim.

Prior to receiving the new PTP Audio turntable, my system comprised the upgraded Rega turntable on which I had mounted an Origin Live OL1 tonearm and a Dynavector 10x5 moving coil cartridge. The turntable fed a Trichord Research Dino Mk 2 phono preamp; into an NAD T763 receiver (as preamp only); into an NAD 218 THX power amp and finally a pair of Bowers & Wilkins DM605 S2 floorstanding loudspeakers.

This was by no means a top-of-the-line system, but I believe it to have been very musical.

With the arrival of the PTP Audio turntable, the Rega has been moved to another room where I have a Denon AVR 2801 receiver driving the B & W 604’s.

I bought a Grado Statement Platinum 1 cartridge to use in a new Origin Live Onyx tonearm, however, whilst the results seemed good at first, the cartridge did not track all albums well. It turns out that I should have calculated the compliance, it is not a good match with the tonearm. So, I swapped the cartridge with the Dynavector 10x5 that was in the Rega deck. Compliance is good and it tracks very well. I spent weeks in my spare time setting up alignment, tracking weight and VTA and listening to the results with the Hifi News Test Record until I was satisfied that I had the best set-up I could manage.

So, now it was time to sit back and actually listen to the music rather than to the system itself. My first album was the Tedeschi Trucks ‘Revelator’ album which I have played often on the old turntable, so I know it well. It was like playing a completely different album, there were details, instruments, phrasing that I had never noticed before. The sound of Susan Tedeschi’s voice rang out and filled the room, I turned up the volume and it sounded even better. This was no ordinary turntable.

My wife came in to hear what I was playing, she likes Susan Tedeschi, but had not heard her voice sound so clear on the old turntable. The timing and pace of the music seemed faster although it can only be more consistent and precise, the notes had faster attack, the sustains lasted longer, the bass was deep and powerful but accurate and there was a greater spatial separation of instruments and performers, but at the same time a greater sense of unity and cohesion of the whole soundstage.

Next up was Neil Young’s ‘Greatest Hits’ album, then David Crosby’s ‘If Only I could Remember My Name’, then David Gilmour’s ‘On An Island’. I could go on and on as I have been digging out all my favourites, old and new, to re-listen with a new level of hearing – it’s almost like having new ears! I sat in the sweet spot and marveled, then I moved around and, even more surprisingly, found the music to be all around me and still sounding right. I don’t need to confine myself to the sweet spot any longer.

I am a fan of live music and love to go to concerts and to bars with live bands even the not-so-good bands because the immediacy, the impact and the dynamic range of live music is so appealing, and yet recordings of live performances had always been so disappointing. Whether at a concert or in a bar, I expect to be able to move around without any loss of quality and staging. That is what it is like with this turntable, I can move anywhere in the room and still be immersed in the sound.

I have proudly demonstrated my turntable and vinyl to friends who cannot believe that quality music can come out of something as outdated as vinyl. Even my wife, who is normally satisfied with her mp3 player and cannot really hear the difference between that and a CD player, admits that this just sounds so much better. I never expected that a turntable and vinyl could sound like this. And it looks great too! I am over the moon.”

Feedback from Solid9 owner Jonathan, Berlin, Germany:


Solid9 in Clay


"I am very excited to have received my new Solid9 turntable from Peter, based on the stealth PTP and a custom-made Corian plinth.
My original plan was to get a slate plinth but for various reasons I have decided to have Peter build a complete turntable... I am very glad I did. This one's definitely a class act, and Peter has been a pleasure to deal with and a very valuable source for information and advice.


I doubt I could have managed the feat on my own, let alone come close to the final result that rests on my audio shelf. Some nice touches are the bolts and an IEC socket embedded in the plinths, the polished platter, the PTP that barely protrudes from under the platter and the complete overhaul of my Lenco parts. The Solid9 is a thoroughly refined turntable.


The first thing that struck me was how silent the turntable was. The motor runs totally silent, and the same applies to dropping the record cleaning brush on the plinth while playing (or tapping on it with my fingers) - no perceived sound in normal listening volumes.
The amount of detail picked-up is unbelievable, as are the clarity and speed. That has a lot to do with the ZYX cartridge, however I was using the same cartridge on my previous turntable - a VPI Scout. The Solid9 is a totally different animal, it is a true high-end source.
I am very lucky to have an extremely good digital source. My new analog setup performs noticeably better in terms of speed and presence or "thereness". It renders vocals and acoustic instruments in a particularly lovely way. Considering the fine-tuning ahead, I have the feeling I am in for a real treat!"