Owner feedback Blok

Feedback from Blok20 user Simon, Netherlands

Dear Peter
About one month ago I read with great interest the review by Marja and Henk on 6moons.
I became very curious since the Gainclones, mainly based on the LM3886 chip, I have heard so far, were not really fitting in my system.
Peter is a really friendly guy who agreed without any reservation to leave me his Blok20 for a couple of days to test in my system.
From the moment I switched on this unit I was really flabbergasted to hear what this LM1875 based amplifier is capable of.
Indeed, I only can confirm that this little chipamp plays very detailed without skipping mids and pronouncing highs and lows only.
Currently I have a tube amplifier with 93dB speakers and compared to that the Blok20 is quite close in respect to soundstage, detail and especially dynamics.
One other thing I noticed or rather not noticed was: the amp was completely silent, no hum or such. Very impressive!
Concluding, I liked this amp a lot and can recommend it without any reservation to anyone looking for tube sound in a solid state amp.
Great work Peter, chapeau!

Feedback from Blok20 owner Dana, USA

Hello Peter,
I liked your creation even before I listened to it. It is a weighty piece of art at any angle. Instead of sitting in front of the speakers I started my initial test at my computer which is at a ninety degree angle to the speakers. Who would listen this way? This is where I sit when I am working, so I know exactly how the room sounds. When I sent the selected tune from the Burson to the Blok20 I was immediately taken with the how good the amp is and leaped out of the chair to the middle of my couch to hear even more! The amp is a jewel.

The amp has not been off since I received it. The amp simply wrings out the last detail and space in the music. We listen to almost entirely instrumental music: jazz, classical, and some blues. Only a few select vocals make it into the air here. As I mentioned I often listen off center and even just moving about the house. In every location there is a unique signature to the sound coming from the Blok20. My wife can hear mosquitoes flying across the yard and she is impressed with the detail in everything we play.

Best, Dana